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The Commercial Real Estate Firm of David Z. Mafrige Interests was established in 1989. The firm specializes in the investment of commercial property in the Greater Houston area and surrounding regions, as well as in the management, maintenance, and leasing of those properties. David Z. Mafrige Interests has been actively involved in over $1 billion worth of real estate transactions and has in excess of two million square feet of improved property. David Z. Mafrige Interests is dedicated to redeveloping exceptional retail and office properties. A close-knit group of professionals, combining youthful enthusiasm and seasoned experience, is actively engaged in commercial property marketing. What makes the firm so unique is that all properties in the profile are owned by David Z. Mafrige Interests, which allows the tenants to have easy access to the decision-makers (owners).

Over 35 Years of Experience

Turn to the real estate firm with over 35 years of experience and a close-knit team of professionals ready to serve you.

Lease Today

Our level of service and commitment to our tenants’ needs allows for a fruitful relationship that allows for all parties to be successful.

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